Open Source Projects by @DannyBen


Docker Alpine ADSF

Ruby ADSF file server on Alpine linux

Docker Alpine Linux Ruby File Server

Docker Alpine PHP

PHP CLI on Alpine linux

Docker Alpine Linux PHP

Docker Alpine Ruby

Minimal Ruby docker image with native extensions support

Docker Alpine Linux Ruby

Docker Alpine Ruby Mongo

Docker image with ruby and mongo tools based on Alpine

Docker Alpine Linux Ruby MongoDB

Docker Borg Client

Docker image with Borg Backup client

Docker DevOps

Docker Fallback

Default ingress backend

Docker Web Server DevOps

Docker Git Compose

Docker image with docker, git and docker-compose

Docker Git CI/CD

Docker Gotty

Docker image with browser based linux terminal


Docker Jobly

Docker image with the Jobly job server

Docker Ruby Background Jobs CI/CD

Docker Madness

Madness instant markdown server

Docker Markdown Documentation Server

Docker Rabbit

RabbitMQ image with extras

Docker RabbitMQ

Docker Redirector

Docker image to handle domain redirects

Docker Web Server DevOps

Docker Snapcrawl

Crawl a website and take screenshots (Docker version)

Docker Ruby Site Analyzers

Docker SSHD

Alpine SSH Client and Server

Docker Alpine Linux SSH DevOps

Docker Ubuntu

Ubuntu sandbox with non-root user

Docker Ubuntu

Echo Webserver

A web server that echoes the request information back

Ruby Web Server Docker API