Open Source Projects by @DannyBen


API Cake

Build dynamic API wrappers

Ruby API


AudioAddict Command Line for Voting and Playlist Management

Ruby CLI Audio Tools


Site generation toolkit with Slim, SCSS, CoffeeScript and Markdown

Ruby Site Building Tools


Utility functions for colorful console applications with Ruby

Ruby CLI Tools


Generate consistent-codenames from any string (Heroku style, aka Haiku).

Ruby CLI Ruby Developer Utilities Name Utilities


DSL for manipulating tabular data

Ruby Data Processing

Docker Alpine ADSF

Ruby ADSF file server on Alpine linux

Docker Alpine Linux Ruby File Server

Docker Alpine Ruby

Minimal Ruby docker image with native extensions support

Docker Alpine Linux Ruby

Docker Alpine Ruby Mongo

Docker image with ruby and mongo tools based on Alpine

Docker Alpine Linux Ruby MongoDB

Docker Jobly

Docker image with the Jobly job server

Docker Ruby Background Jobs CI/CD

Docker Snapcrawl

Crawl a website and take screenshots (Docker version)

Docker Ruby Site Analyzers

Echo Webserver

A web server that echoes the request information back

Ruby Web Server Docker API


DSL for verifying file/folder content

Ruby CLI


FRED API library and command line interface

Ruby CLI API Data Service


Extract comments from Ruby code

Ruby Ruby Developer Utilities

Hash Cabinet

File-based, key-object store with hash-like access

Ruby Cache Management Ruby Developer Utilities


Deterministic Random SVG Icon Generator

Ruby SVG

Icodi Playground

Deterministic Random SVG Icon Generator (Online Demo)

Ruby Web Server SVG


Library and command line interface for Intrinio data API

Ruby CLI API Data Service


Ruby command line domain checker with wildcards

Ruby CLI Name Utilities Domain Utilities


Compact job server with API, CLI, Web UI and a Sidekiq heart

Ruby CLI API Background Jobs Web Server CI/CD


Run local scripts remotely by SSH

Ruby CLI SSH DevOps


Command line utility for generating config files from templates and definition files

Ruby CLI Templating Configuration Tools


Ruby file cache for performing heavy tasks lightly

Ruby Cache Management


GitHub webhook server and event simulator

Ruby CLI Web Server GitHub DevOps CI/CD

Lovely Print

Print any object in YAML format

Ruby Ruby Developer Utilities


The markdown swiss army knife

Ruby CLI Markdown

Menu Commander

Create menus for any command line tool using simple YAML configuration

Ruby CLI Shell Productivity

Mister Bin

Build modular command line tools

Ruby Ruby Developer Utilities CLI Tools

Persistent Object

Automatically persist objects to disk as YAML files

Ruby Cache Management

Pretty Trace

Make your Ruby backtrace pretty again

Ruby Ruby Developer Utilities

Pundit Extra

Extensions and helpers for Pundit authorization library

Ruby Rails Authorization


Lightweight Quandl API library and command line interface

Ruby CLI API Data Service


Ruby's missing function to require all files and directories

Ruby Ruby Developer Utilities

Rig It

Build project templates easily without writing code

Ruby CLI Scaffolding Templating

RSpec Fixtures

Interactive fixture approvals for RSpec

Ruby RSpec Ruby Developer Utilities Testing Tools


Build command line applications per project with ease

Ruby CLI Ruby Developer Utilities Shell Productivity

Site Link Analyzer

Command line broken links checker

Ruby CLI Site Analyzers


Follow your Slack chats from the terminal

Ruby CLI DevOps


Crawl a website and take screenshots

Ruby CLI Site Analyzers


Minimal, lightweight, multi-YAML settings library

Ruby Ruby Developer Utilities

Super Docopt

docopt-based command line utility builder

Ruby CLI Tools


Genearte SVG images by writing Ruby code

Ruby SVG


Hassle-free caching for HTTP download with ruby

Ruby Cache Management Ruby Developer Utilities


Dictionary and thesaurus regular expression search

Ruby CLI Name Utilities


YAML configuration file loader with dot notation support

Ruby Ruby Developer Utilities